MAC Whirl vs. NYX Mauve Lipliner

Well thanks to Kylie Jenner, everyone and their mom is now back into the 90's trend with gorgeous deep mauve and deep brown lippies. I actually didn't even realize how much I loved the color even after falling madly in love with Kat Von D's Lolita way before it became a trend. After reading somewhere that she uses Whirl lipliner by MAC (update: now I'm hearing it's Soar) all over her lips, I decided to take it upon myself to buy it, and ever since then, I've been HOOKED. I ran to MAC and picked it up, and immediately fell in love. It looks so stunning on tan/caramel complexions, but still manages to look incredible on lighter skin tones. After constant use of this pencil being my go to on its own, or with a nude or pink lipstick, I kinda panicked seeing it shrink in size every week.

I tend to have anxiety when something is running low, so I knew I would have to buy another Whirl eventually. I was a little reluctant to spend another $16.00 on a LIP PENCIL (for pete's sake it's a pencil!), so I decided to do my research and stumbled upon a dupe...NYX Mauve lipliner! At the first chance I saw a NYX retailer, I had to pick it up at $3.50 a pop (I bought mine at Ricky's NYC). So how well does it really compare? Let's go ahead and find out!

MAC Whirl Lipliner
  • $16.00 for 1.45g/0.05oz of product
  • Described on the website as a 'dirty rose' color.
  • Available at MAC counters, MAC Stores or on

NYX Mauve Lipliner
  • $3.50 for 1.0g/0.04oz of product.
  • Described as 'mauve'.
  • Available at ULTA, Target, or any NYX retailer or at
Side by side swatches

Lip swatches

Thoughts: I absolutely love the two colors regardless of the price or not. However, as you can see from the swatches, Mauve is slightly more pale in tone and leans more on the purple side. Whirl is more of a rose tone, and a just a little darker than Mauve. On the lips, they look very similar, but still give that overall deep mauve color. Whirl has a slightly more dry chalky texture, thus making it a little more difficult to apply. Moisturized lips are a must when using Whirl. Because of the drier texture, it feels and looks more matte. Mauve has a more waxy consistency, thus giving more slip while applying. It applies smoother than Whirl, and is not as dry in texture. Mauve feels more comfortable to wear than Whirl.

Overall: For the incredible price point, and the easier to apply texture, I would definitely stick to NYX Mauve lipliner. If you were thinking of investing in Whirl but cringed at the price, the NYX liner is a great alternative! Whirl is still incredible, but some things like a lip pencil is not really worth the splurge! 

Hope you found this helpful!

Cassandra <3


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