Inglot, Sephora, & Drugstore Mini Haul (+Swatches!!)

Hey there beautiful! So for the past couple of weeks, I've accumulated some products from Inglot, CVS, and Sephora. I do have more products from Inglot (a freedom palette I created), but I'm still trying to figure out how to take out the eyeshadows from the palette without dinging it :( I also forgot to include two lipsticks from their MAC's Holiday Collection. Whomp whomp. I'll swatch them another day if I have the time, these swatches took me forever to photograph & edit. This is just a haul post so I'm not getting too much into the product information and details, but I will list the names and what I think of the product along with photos. If you would like to see a detailed review on any of these products, just let me know! :)

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil x4 (Holiday 2014)
Can be purchased at Sephora stores (couldn't find online).

I absolutely adore this set my boyfriend got for me from Sephora. I've always wanted to try the Bite lip pencils, and this is a perfect way to try some amazing colors in their High Pigment formula. They come in the cutest "altoid" tins, and makes an awesome stocking stuffer. I love anything mini ^_^ Ugh, so festive! 

How incredible are these lippies? Even though they're mini, the color payoff is incredible. So obsessed with Winterberry & Rhubarb, they're gorgeous! Sable is a wearable nude, but I would pair it with a liner, it looks a little patchy on me. Pomegranate is an intense blue toned red, so showstopping! It reminds me of NARS Dragon girl, but with a satin finish. These lipstick crayons are not drying at all, and very creamy and moisturizing with a satin to amplified finish. I would definitely repurchase Rhubarb & Winterberry in the full size!

Rimmel/Milani Lipsticks
Rimmel can be purchased here & Milani here!

I couldn't help myself with these nude lipsticks that I purchased at CVS. They were having a buy one, get one 50% off sale on Rimmel, Milani, & Physician's formula and caved! I've always heard great things about Milani's Color Statement Lipstick, and Nude Creme seemed up my alley since I've been on a nude lippie streak recently. The Rimmel lipsticks seemed really pretty, and I already loved the Moisture Renew formula.

Uhm, how pretty are these? 

Notting Hill Nude & Milani Nude Creme are now officially two of my favorite nudes. I personally prefer Notting Hill Nude because the formula and pigmentation is incredible, but Nude Creme is the perfect combo of nude and pink. A little Whirl lipliner, and any of these lipsticks, and I have the most stunning yet flattering nude lip! Notting Hill Nude would also make a great nude for WOC. Let's Get Naked looks a little like MAC's Angel.

Inglot Pigments/Lipgloss
Can be purchased here.

So this was my first time in an Inglot store, and I went to the one in Times Square. I swear I was like a kid in a candy store. I had always wanted to try Inglot products, and I was a little confused by their website >_< I spent almost an hour in there, and came out with a smile on my face. Like I said previously, I did get a freedom palette, but I'm trying to remove the shadows from the palette & it's being stubborn. I will swatch them another time. I ended up picking up a lipgloss, 2 amazing pigments, and the freedom palette. I think Inglot is now my new favorite and their products may even  be better than *gasp* MAC :-O Take a look and tell me yourself!

This lipgloss was SO cool. When the girl swatched it in the store for me, I caved even after making a promise to myself that I am not buying any more lipsticks or lip products! It looks like a prism in the bottle, and when you swatch it or apply it, it transforms into a creamy color in a non-sticky formula. They have other really cool shades, but this one seemed great to top with peachy nudes.

Now these pigments have blown me away. These are some of the most unique pigments I have come across and OH-SO-WORTH the trip/visit to an Inglot. One pigment is a gorgeous iridescent lilac with a gold reflect, and the other is a burgundy/purple with a copper reflect. So stunning foiled or dry!

These pictures honestly do it NO justice. I highly suggest you go to a store and swatch these bad boys because they are 10x prettier in person. I cannot wait to use this on myself or a client!

Tarte Sweet Dreams Blush Palette (Holiday 2014)
Can be purchased here.

I could not wait to get my hands on this. I always eye holiday collections and told myself eventually I  need to invest in a blush palette. A couple years I remember hating myself for not picking up the NARS Blush palette, but I did pick up this Tarte blush palette and I am so impressed. The packaging is very cute and creative, taking the form of a clutch. The gold and purple makes it appear very regal and expensive. It also comes with two gold hair clips on the front. The packaging on this is incredible, and would make a great gift for any blush lover.

The blushes are so creamy, pigmented and finely milled. They felt like butter! I love the colors, and I'm glad that Tarte gave us a wide range of colors, not like a bunch of corals, or a bunch of pinks. I think I'll put this in my makeup kit to eliminate space however, as it has 5 gorgeous colors in a compact packaging. The blushes will work for most skin tones! The only one that I wouldn't use would be Breathless as it appears ashy against my skin tone. I would use that on fair skinned clients for a warm glow! My favorite color is Bashful, and it reminds me of NARS Orgasm, just more peachy. Whimsy is so pigmented, and Irreplaceable makes a gorgeous fall blush.

I hope you guys enjoyed this haul, and I hope you found the swatches and pictures helpful! I loved everything I bought and I do recommend them. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

-Cassandra <3


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