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 So you've stumbled upon this page by either accident, or you just wanted to know more about the person behind the blog. We can start off by telling you my name, if you don't know already, my name is Cassandra. I was born in the island of Trinidad, and I am 20 years old. I currently reside in New York and am a full time college student. I am currently in a relationship with my best friend for almost 2 years, who continues to remain by biggest supporter and fan! In fact, he is the mastermind behind my blog name (hi baby!) I'm not going to get into where I work or go to school, but I will say that my life is pretty busy with being a full time student, full time girlfriend, full time daughter, part time employee, and freelance makeup artist (booking information here). Blogging will remain just a part of my life where it's a diary to share my makeup obsession!

My passion for makeup started when I was younger, and I would be the most excited every time I would receive these really cheap corny lipsticks and eyeshadows as gifts. I remember growing up through junior high school and high school, and sneaking eyeliner and mascara in my bag to apply when I got to school because my mother was super traditional and didn't want me to wear makeup -_- As I got older, my makeup collection grew, and now that I am employed, I can finally buy all the makeup in the world and wear whatever lip color I desire >:)

As you read more and more posts (which I hope you do come back & visit), you will learn more about me than you realize. I'm sure that we'll be able to discover that we have goals and interests in common, and I do hope you reach out to talk sometime! I do believe that everyone should be kind and always willing to learn and share what we know. Keeping all our knowledge and love to ourself does nothing but emit selfishness. My greatest goal in life is to be someone that's remembered as kind and selfless, and my blog will hopefully give me the chance to share all that I know <3 You can always find me on Instagram :)

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No one likes to feel in the dark. If I ever review anything that was sent to me for PR purposes, I will of course notate that. I would never praise or embellish on anything that was sent to me for reviewing purposes unless I absolutely loved it. All my reviews are 100% raw! Lastly, if there are any affiliate links, I will also note that on the page.


For any business related inquiries, feel free to reach out at cassandralalal@gmail.com.