How I Fill in my Brows

So after much procrastination and laziness, I finally decided to show everyone how I fill in my brows. I was always thinking about doing a video on it, but for the meantime, this shall suffice. So here are the steps for your viewing pleasure, and I hope you are able to take away some of the techniques that I used as they are what works for me! I personally love filling in my eyebrows. To me, eyebrows are the frames of your entire face. You can't have a beat face and lacking just doesn't work ;) And always remember, your eyebrows don't have to be completely perfect! Brows are meant to be sisters, not twins! Hope you like!
***This is my personal way to do MY eyebrows. You are of course free to do them however you like, this is just my way.****

The products I use (L-R) include the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade in Dark Brown, Jordana Brow Powder in Brunette, EX-1 Delete Concealer in D200.
The tools I use (top-bottom) include the Urban Decay Shadow Brush (my HG sculpting brush!!), the MAC 266 brush (another HG, seriously this brush gives me life!), an Ecotools Flat Shader brush, and a Coastal Scents blending brush (a dupe for MAC 217).

My bare eyebrow.
So this is pretty much my bare eyebrow with no products. On my eyes, I just have on eyeliner and mascara, you know...the usual. The issue I have with my eyebrows is not the fullness or sparseness, but the shape and length.

So the first thing I do is groom and tame by brows. When I'm in a rush, sometimes I tend to forget this step, but you don't realize how much it helps with making filling in easier as the hairs are already somewhat in place. I can't tell you how many times I struggled trying to move my hairs in place with my angled eyeliner brush. #fail

Next, I go ahead and outline the underneath of my brow to define the shape with the Anastasia Brow Pomade and the MAC 266 brush. I do not change the shape, I simply elongate it and define it using the shape I already have.

I then go ahead and take a little bit more of the pomade on the brush, and I fill in the outer 2/3 of my brows without touching the front. I use short hair-like strokes for the most natural look.

This step is extremely important on how I try to keep my brows defined, yet natural looking. Before, I would fill in the front of my brows like a little faded box. Thank Goodness I have gave up that habit. I try to keep my natural hairs peeking through to give a subtle fade, with slight shape by taking the side of my brush with leftover product, and I pull up from the line I made in the first step. This helps blend the product upwards from when I made the original first line underlining my brow.  I continue to blend in an upwards motion until I get the desired look.
This is where I would go ahead and analyze the shape of my brows. My eyebrow lady turned my little arch into a lame little curve >:( so I usually go ahead and take a little bit more product and add it to the arch or curvature of my brow, making sure to slowly build the arch and connect it to tail of my brow. A subtle arch is what I prefer, and I find that it looks the most natural as well.
I love this step! It's where I feel my brows come together. I grab the Urban Decay synthetic brush, and coat the two sides with the EX-1 Concealer. I use two shades lighter than my skin tone to highlight my brows as well as sculpt it. It's typically the same color I would use as my underye concealer. I prefer to use a cream concealer in a pot than a liquid or squeeze tube because they tend to be thicker when in a pot, and thicker concealers sculpt my brows better and easier than a liquid. I just clean up any errors I made, and give my brows a clean edge. Sorry about the picture quality of this one, the lighting was off!

This is what my brows look like after I add the concealer. I do a thin amount in the front, a little more under the arch, and I take it to the upper tail of the brow stopping at the arch. I also make sure to sharpen the tail of my brow with the concealer as well.

This step I recently modified and I have been loving the results I received. Before, I would blend out the concealer with my ring finger, but it often made a mess on my hands, and it wouldn't be precise because it can blur the edges between the concealer and the brow, thus ruining my hard work. I picked up a blending brush (similar to MAC 217), and tried it instead. I absolutely loved the result. The brush blends out the concealer so much better and faster, and looks seamless yet brightened. I don't want my concealer to be noticeable, I just want my eyebrows to appear lifted and bright.

I do this step at times when my eyebrows are in between salon visits, and they start to look cray cray. I take a synthetic foundation brush, and a little teensy dot of my foundation, and I just go ahead and clean up the tops of my eyebrows. Many people use the lighter concealer, but the best way to keep it natural is to stick to your regular foundation/concealer color for the top.

Lastly, I grab a flat shader brush, and the Jordana brow powder, and gently press the shadow onto my brows where I filled them in. With what is left on the brush, I then ever so lightly dust it on the front of my brows. If I powder the front of my brows regularly, it will get too dark because the Jordana brow powder is actually meant to fill in your brows. I've seen many brow routines, but I rarely see anyone else do this. To me, this step honestly seals in the brow pomade, and makes my brows bulletproof! It also slightly darkens it, and sets in my eyebrows.

And this is the final brow! This is what I typically do on a day to day basis, and it is what works for me!

Send me your thoughts!!
-Cassandra <3



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